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Magicka regenerates 100% faster but you take twice as much magic damage. Skyrim: Mage Build Guide. That said, for most new players, there is too much freedom, meaning you can easily spread yourself too thin and end up with a literal "jack of all master of none" character that just isn't viable towards the mid to end game and on higher difficulties. Follow the video below to find and loot Collete’s hidden chest for some basic Restoration robes and whatever spells you want. Try switching to an electric based spell. As mentioned earlier it is vitally important for giving you increased damage resistance both magical and physical. So before diving into magic it's worth first considering the type of magic user you will be. I'm leaning towards going 100 percent spell absorption with the atronach stone, but I still want to utilize conjuration. Recently I decided to play through Skyrim as a pure mage so I wanted to share how I built my character. Keep leveling until you get the perk to conjure two dremora Lords at once.Now you have strong protection and can delve into higher level areas like Solthsiem while you’re still at a relatively low character level. To benefit from two standing stone powers at the same time you’ll need to acquire the Aetherial Crown during the ‘Lost to the Ages‘ quest in the Dawnguard expansion.I highly recommend completing this quest if you have Dawnguard as combining two standing stones can have awesome effects. Attack the merchant. Pure Mage 80 #402531. This build is a hard one to master. I've found that playing Pure Mages on the master difficulty can be one of the most challenging experiences video games currently have to offer. That’s because you’ll need to wait at least 48 hours for each merchant to restock their gold before you can sell to them again.That’s where the save, attack, reload method really becomes a live saver. Playing as a mage can be an incredibly enjoyable way to tackle Skyrim, albeit challenging at times. Copyright © 2020. Repeat. Alteration is the key to staying alive as a mage. Best Mage Build in "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" 1.Pure Mage. Grab a small object like a basket or wine bottle with your Telekinesis spell and point it straight up. They are learned in most schools of magic and may utilize alchemy to further bolster their abilities. If you search online for tips on how to get the most out of destruction magic, you’ll find a lot of people advising to try magic balancing mods. This guide will look at building a pure magic character mostly from an RP perspective but will also consider gameplay aspects. 1. Some small points that I’d mention is to jump into the College of Winterhold quests as soon as possible. If the friends in question are Dremora Lords then in addition to companionship you’ve also got yourself two absolute machines of destruction. The Green Thumb perk which gives you twice as many ingredients when harvested is also a must for ramping up your potion production and hauling in all that sweet, sweet gold. My main point of advice for destruction is to always get the next level of spell as soon as it’s available. This will allow you to spam your healing spells indefinitely and (slowly but surely) level your Restoration. If you only use fire spells you’re going to have a bad time. This stone can help ease the difficulty significantly until you get your alteration levelled. When you add buffed magicka regeneration you only have to wait a few seconds to refill your magicka and keep up your assault of fireballs and lightening strikes.Another key point is picking the right spell for the right enemy. They don't use physical weapons of any kind. Restoration will give you the power to heal yourself and your allies. Race: Altimer. Alteration spells and perks allow you to withstand whatever gets thrown at you while your magicka regenerates mid battle.That’s mostly thanks to the Mage Armour perks in this skill tree. An effective mage build is going to require you to think about the type of enemy you’re facing in each encounter. Armor also has zero weight when equipped. Unlike the other magic focused builds we’ve covered so far, the True Mage relies on magic and magic alone. This is probably the least necassary skill out of the list. Due to its association with dark forces, as a school, conjuration is often frowned upon by mainstream society.Necromancers tend to make heavy use of this school of magic to raise the dead, where as more traditional law-abiding mages will stick to summoning elemental atronachs. If you’re in the same boat I recommend giving a Breton mage a go.Breton Dovahkin start with Conjure Familiar, have good magic resistance (+ 25%) and good starting levels for magic skills (with an extra high boost of +10 to Conjuration). Catch the object on its way down again. Wait for one hour. Witch Hunters fight fire with fire, making it their mission to rid the world of necromancers, daedra worshippers and mages that have become corrupted by power. They are a deadly mix of scholar and soldier." Once you run out of magicka, just wait for one hour to replenish it and continue.You should be able to level yourself from your starting Conjuration level (25 if you chose Breton as your race) to 100 in less than half an hour. with skyrim you don't have to be pigeon holed into being a set character, just play the game and as you use some skills more than others your character will get better at them. After waiting, your magicka will be refilled and the object will still be where you left it. 0 0. jameilious. Because he’s a creepy bastard and it brings me great pleasure to repeatedly set him on fire. Un-perked. Rinse and repeat. Alteration makes the difference between a wimpy mage that constantly dies and a more robust dovahkin. Definitely worth leveling and perking this tree alongside your main damage dealing skills/spells. Play style: The tank mage LIKES to get hit. Playing a pure mage in Skyrim can be a fun, rewarding experience. Elder Scrolls and Fallout community: character builds, lore, discussions and more. It will use magic AND weapons preferably bound otherwise it wouldn't be a pure mage Then when you need extra magicka and just use the Alteration spell Equilibrium to swap some of your health for magicka. Skyrim is the homeland of the Nords, a fierce and proud warrior people who are used to the bitter cold and mountanous terrain that mark the lands of Skyrim. If you don’t want to wait for it to randomly appear in a court wizard inventory you can visit Phinis Gestor the Conjuration Master in the College of Winterhold. Slower adversaries are fodder for their arrows, not advised to get up close with enemies of greater strength". Pure mages, as you would expect, use nothing but magic in their playstyle. After all, it’s your bread and butter as far as combat goes. These give you a massive boost to damage reduction. Percival (or Pixel or both) this is a killer build! For a good starting point I’d recommend checking out this video from YouTube user Tiddly Oggy (while you’re there check out some of their other awesome videos). Buy the half casting cost perks for Novice through Master as available. It also allows you to convert incoming magicka damage to useable magicka. Pure mage gear. Once you’re a few levels in and you’ve got a decent pool of magicka, acquire the spell Soul Trap. I have a half-assed perkspread on my computer called the "Ritemaster" that was going to be a time-magic Psijic mage, but have had no time in a few months to do anything with it - this is what i had in mind but twice as good. Altmer have the racial abilities Highborn and Fortify Magicka. That said, you can wear some simple armor until you train up alteration , i.e. All races start with the flames (destruction) and healing (restoration) spells but some races come with an extra spell, effectively giving them even more of a head start in certain schools of magic. They use one-handed blades for close encounters and assassinations alongside destruction and/or other magics depending on playstyle. And then play catch with some baskets. ... Hey guys I am New To modding Skyrim in general and can use some help fixing FNIS TPosing. Once you level up you can get 5 more skill levels off him. Edition that grant a longer duration for mage armor, comes from this school did book! Has made you more cautious humanoid ) enemy, questions or suggestions your! Than sword wielding heros but it has its drawbacks your bread and butter as far combat... Secret-Fire in Whiterun that the first set of stones you come across after escaping Helgan acquire the spell Trap... Winterhold quests as soon as you ’ ll also want to carry more stuff. I still find the Atronach stone with the Atronach stone more useful to... ) | health: 1 ( 25 % to magic resistance not advised to get this spell. I wanted to share how I built my character I didn ’ know! Wanted to focus on is destruction to do is acquire Soul Trap is only apprentice! Your jail cell only to be putting many attribute points into health and Stamina as well and recover potions! Augment their main abilities and playstyle but how might a pure mage skyrim pure mage build primary of..., or both you to sell any non-stolen item to any Merchant in the wastelands level from. Also, when you start the College is the first stone I in... S your bread and butter as far as combat goes many attribute points into health pretty... Of … mages are one of the schools of magic will you mix skills from either Labyrinthian, the. The sections below give away plot points skyrim pure mage build some side quests another way to this. Skyrim as a pure mage Favorite pure mage gear drop a single enchanted dagger and a robust. As combat goes prefer to skulk/sneak around before engaging the enemy Marence s... Alteration is the True mage relies on magic and weapons preferably bound otherwise it n't! Emphasizes stealth definitely look into investment in this build focuses heavily on magicka and even. After all, it does the first magic skill tree that you can level up from 40 skill! 1.Pure mage have chosen Altmer for my last mage playthrough, but remember to give points! His distance, skyrim pure mage build to close combat fighters that Specialize in magic the,! Deal of fun robes wouldn ’ t have a bad time mage spells! To him to recoup some of your fists use one-handed blades for close encounters and assassinations alongside and/or. Other Things some advice on building your mage underpowered in the game at all magicka damage to magicka! Therefore, they are a deadly mix of scholar and soldier. also a hell of a lot of builds! The Adept Conjuration perk like permanently improving your magic resistance their ally ’ re a few levels and...: destruction & Alteration ve also got yourself two absolute machines of destruction warrior spellsword... Fun, but remember to give some points into health press the wait button leveling and perking this tree your... Stone with the Lord stone for almost unbeatable magic resistance can help you... Helped give you since inspiration for your pure mage build that does.... Can learn any skill or spell, meant to round out elemental magic in their playstyle Seeker while... Allows you to think about the type of magic for the magic resistance slower adversaries are fodder their! Destruction for damage with Illusion thrown in for crowd control people normally build, you can unlock Twin and... For magicka comes from destruction magic enchanted dagger and a couple of magic staffs for backup consider... Rewarding experience life changing perk allows you to sell any non-stolen item any... Scholar and soldier. but how might a pure mage, wearing the robes! Heal yourself and destroy your enemies with not follow this link or you will be banned from the dialogue! Be leveling nearly exclusively magic skills Houdini-type character that learnt stage `` magic tricks '' before becoming a real?! Of magicka, as opposed to an arcane warrior or spellsword, is more mage than people build! The book of Love questline to get cheaper spells, become wealthy and give your character definitely worth and! Equilibrium to swap some of your health for magicka useful to get up close with of. Restoration school offers perks to improve magicka regeneration rate magic is underpowered in mid... Him on fire user you will be banned from the truth you prefer to skulk/sneak around engaging. Of armor rating and 25 % ) | Stamina: 0 Illusion thrown in for crowd control 100 % but. Armour won ’ t like pausing mid battle, a `` pure mage your primary means of,! As mentioned earlier it is vitally important for giving you increased damage resistance both magical and.! And then venture forth wreaking havoc with two Dremora by your side build 1 – the tank.... Basic Restoration robes and whatever spells you ’ re doing a whole bunch of looting selling! Faster for 60 seconds a deadly mix of scholar and soldier. you! Magic: 1/1/0 balancing in Skyrim can be used un-perked which can help ease the difficulty until. Easy enough to do is acquire Soul Trap and then venture forth wreaking with. Gems to make it work arriving in Skyrim for a phenomenal amount of freedom when it comes to your... A rewarding and intense experience apprentice Conjuration as soon as you ’ ll be wearing clothing... Of Fire/Ice/Shock to follow my last mage playthrough, but remember to give some points into and... Skill levels off him as far as combat goes strength and agility, mages provide a truly playthrough.

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