building a custom water cooled pc

I also applied 6 coats of black, Now it is the moment of truth… time to fill! Make sure all the fittings are tight and secure to prevent leaks. side and remove the dust filter to expose the four retaining screws. Now install any PCI-E cards that you have, such as graphics cards. I am replacing all of the CoolerMaster To remove the old TIM, you will need something like an ArctiClean Kit (includes 30ml Thermal Material Remover and 30ml Thermal Surface Purifier), plus some lint free cloth and some cotton buds for the awkward places. As mentioned the drive cage is 130mm x 125mm, so mark out the aliminium sheet and The caddie will click into place once fully inserted into the drive cage. I have used a mixture of XSPC Twin Wired White 3mm / 5mm LEDs with 4 Pin power connectors, which I then converted to a Molex connection using cable conversion plug. and mark the holes for the fan. It is better to to it this way, so as not to apply any unnecessary pressure to the CPU socket. Remember From experience, I have fallen foul of putting a build together, only to find that the system will not boot up due to something like failed memory or an unknown hardware incompatibility. We are now ready to put all of the parts together. of the fan grill and 6 coats to the front. With the upper fans in place and the radiator secured, we can now re-fit the modified case handle. Today we built the ultimate custom water cooled gaming pc build inside of a desk. - Whilst trying to fit my CPU water block, the bottom right-hand edge fouled on the Southbridge water block. The following images show just how easy if is. I need to provide power to the fans, making sure that the cables cannot be seen through the Perspex window and spoil the look from outside. fans grills that I chose to use only come in black, so time for some spray painting A radiator of a large depth, would foul on the motherboard. At the time of writing this article, Novatech specially sourced a lot of components which are not readily available in the UK and Watercooling UK were exceptionally helpful in guiding me with my first watercooling project. These will need Do not force the locking ring too tight as you may damage the thread. The CM Storm Stryker has two pre-installed posts which have ridged locator tops to help make sure that the motherboard fits correctly onto the posts. Below is a photo of the components that I purchased for this particular build and below that, I have listed each component for your information. Fortunately, this is held on with 3 lugs on either side onto the plate. This should greatly reduce having to remove cables once installed because things are not accessible or cable will not reach where they are supposed to go. to assist as I did. Finally, replace the drive cage 5.25" guides and we are all done and ready to put With the middle cage in this position it will help cool the graphics card as well as improve airflow into the case. Next, I apply a thermal compound to mount the CPU water block on The i7 processor. Most cases do not come with the posts pre-installed for the motherboard to sit on. When the plate is fully sprayed, screw it back onto the drive cage and spray one Next install the CPU alignment and retention posts. and can be release fairly easily. For you are about to push your Novatech PC ownership to the next level. Make a note of which is which for later when you start connecting the loop up, as it will make life easier when it is mounted inside the case and you cannot see the markings. Of course there are some other methods like passive cooling or mineral oil, but those are in really small portion. Each kit contains two lenses each in Arctic White and Cerulean Blue. blocks under the panel to help support the Perspex. Also supplier with the CoolerMaster Storm Stryker Case are some excellent drive caddies for mounting the SSD's into the drive cage. As with most modern motherboards when installing memory DIMM's, you angle one side into the slot and then push down on the other side until it clicks into place and is held by the retaining clip. This section along with the forthcoming section on building a custom water cooling loop, is one of the more intricate areas of the build and you should follow the manufacturer's installation instructions to the letter. The mounting points are coded on the underside of the caddie to ensure that the drive is mounted in the correct location. Keep in mind this build isn’t going to be the ultimate performance machine, but it will be pretty to look at and show case the versatility of the 600T case with some minor mods for water cooling. Then offer the hose up to the next fitting in the loop and cut the length required. to the front fan so that it can easily reach a power source. To this end, I had to drain down the system and cut two new lengths of hose. by tapping the holes out to M4. With the screws removed, turn the motherboard upright and carefully remove the Southbridge fan power cable using a small flat bladed screw driver. This is because we are only using 4 memory DIMMS and the memory must be configured in alternate slots from the outside of the motherboard moving inwards towards the CPU. Next connect the SATA cables to the drives. The case that I am using allows for air to be drawn in from the bottom of the case, so I have mounted my PSU with the fan face down. Try and get the CPU as close as possible to the socket without actually making contact and then you should find that you can release the CPU and it should gently move into place. These fans are just my test fans and when I get to the radiator fitting stage, I will be using the Noctua NF-F12 PWM 120mm Focused Flow PWM Cooling Fans. fans in my case with Noctua fans, as they provide good airflow, static pressure Do not exceed this length and do use M3 machine screws, otherwise you will damage the radiator thread. to have some small pots to keep all of those screws in that you are going to remove. Time to start fashioning a new handle shape! to allow the fan power cable to pass through. The coolant has settled and 600T build is looking pretty good. sure not to over tighten to avoid cracking the Perspex. However, So, rejoice! The radiator should be clean but I prefer to be absolute. It may take several attempts to get the cabling right to allow the back side panel to fit comfortable. The main downside with water cooling — custom setups at least — is that they can be rather expensive. HDD's/SSD's. On socket 2011, the CPU mounting back plate is pre-installed and thus makes the CPU block installation very simple. Before you fit your radiator, put a little of the coolant into the radiator to give it a quick washout to make sure that there are no unwanted foreign bodies from the manufacturing process. I purchased a small funnel, so that I could easily put the end of it in the fill port of the reservoir. With the Light Bars in place, we can now install the memory DIMM's (dual in-line memory module) into the memory slots on the motherboard. I have also added a power extension cable As my motherboard is an X79 variant, it has a Socket 2011 processor fitment. As you can see, in my opinion the LEDs produce a very subtle down light. With the fans in the correct position, offer them up to the holes in the side panel Make sure that By Phi Keo, on September 28, 2011 . As is the case with Noctua fans. Puget Systems is one of the smaller custom PC builders, a niche company if you like, and they’re located in Auburn, Washington. You don't want to find you cannot put something back because a fitting is missing! Finally, you can now fit your motherboard into the case, using the methods described in section 6. where the CPU cooler might obstruct the graphics cards position, and any other obstructions To this end, I decided to add some of my own custom lighting to illuminate the case. I have shown this time the TIM being applied. a protective covering on it, leave it on to add protection. If you find one, tighten up the compression fitting until the leak desists. Next we need to mark where to core cut the hole for the air intake to go. I will cover this in another section when I fit the CPU water block. Use a flat blade screw driver to lift the cable retaining tabs holding the fan power Remember, if it feels tight or you are having to force the panel on, then check your cabling and adjust to suit. While am at it, I'll give the old gaming rig some upgraded hardware with a Force Series™ 3 60GB SSD and 12GB Dominator memory upgrade kit. ULTIMATE Custom Water Cooled Desk Gaming PC Build - Time Lapse - 2080 ti i9 9980XE. Now we need to cut the 120mm hole to allow the air to flow through. Then using the retention locking thumb screws, by hand evenly tighten the the CPU block in place until the locking thumb screws will turn no more. This will also need to be removed, as an additional Remember to get the fan air flow going in the correct Direction. Since building 'Deathstar III', I have been saving like mad and decided for my 50th birthday present to myself that I would purchase a nVidia GeForce GTX Titan! Or will it! Now that we have clear access to the area we need to work on, let us investigate which fastenings need to be removed, to facilitate the detachment of the handle form the case. Fitting the pump to the reservoir was a very easy exercise and was well documented in the instructions. With the reservoir filled, you will need to start pumping the water around the loop. Overkill or subtle? Once again take your time and make sure that cables are not adversely bent or trapped, which could cause issues latter. Since I'm transferring all of this from my old case, much of the prep has already been done. As before I am using the Scythe 120mm fan guards. To save money on purchasing a professional test bench, I bought some commercial foam and extra large anti-static bags and covered the foam with the anti-static bags, using insulated electrical tape to stick it all together. Here are a few more pictures, for your enjoyment! Copyright Eliminating both excess heat and back ground noise, a custom water-loop offers ultra-low temperatures that are ideal for squeezing every last drop of performance from your PC. Building a Custom Water Cooled Gaming PC in a Graphite Series 600T. top cover and front panel. It is responsible for transferring heat away from the component and into the liquid. When mounting the fans, make sure that you have them in the right orientation to The 600T comes well equipped with 2 hard drive cages holding 3 hard drives each. Below you can see a memory module with and without the Light Bar upgrade. To change the flow plate, turn the CPU water block upside down and remove the four retaining screws using the supplied 'Allen' key. Apr 7, 2020 - Explore Nabil ZA's board "Watercooled PC", followed by 220 people on Pinterest. The majority of my purchases were made from Novatech Ltd and Watercooling UK. was cut into the custom fan mounting plate. sure that as before you get the air flow direction right and make sure that the 120mm fan. In this instance I have chosen the CM Storm Stryker Case as it will officially allow up to XL-ATX (Extra Long - length) motherboards and at a push E-ATX (Extended - width) motherboards. I'm mounting the reservoir just left of the top HDD cage and close to the pump. Not bad for a pump of this size. If you look closely at the right-hand side of the reservoir, you will see a circular recess which will take 5mm LED to illuminate the reservoir from behind, allowing you to see the coolant level from the front. In fact the RAM DIMMs will help hide some of the cable. The bridging tool allows the PSU to power peripherals, without the need of a motherboard. With the block back together again, whilst the block is not installed onto the motherboard, install the compression fittings. the retaining screws for the top fan can only be accessed by removing the cases I have one last task due to the fact that I have added fans to my side window. Connect your mouse, keyboard and monitor just as you would if it were all in a case and power on. Whilst there is still good access the the CPU water block, I am going to add some 'Bling'. $ 249.99. Whilst the case is on its side, we will take the opportunity to remove the rear As you can see, the radiator is now securely fitted into place. Intel Core i7-4930K Hexa-Core Processor 3.4GHz 12MB Cache LGA 2011, Corsair Dominator Platinum with Corsair Link Connector — 1.5V 16GB 2133Mhz Quad Channel DDR3 Memory Kit, Corsair Memory Accessories / Dominator Platinum Light Bar Upgrade Kit, Corsair AX1200i Digital ATX Power Supply — 1200 Watt 80 PLUS Platinum Certified Fully-Modular PSU, Corsair PSU Accessories / Professional Individually Sleeved DC Cable Kit, Type 3 (Generation 2), WHITE, Corsair PSU Accessories / Professional Individually Sleeved ATX 24 Pin Cable (Generation 2), WHITE, NZXT 8 Pin (EPS12V) White Sleeved 25cm Extension Cable), NZXT 30cm Front Panel Premium White Sleeved Cables, NZXT 24 Pin ATX Power Supply Premium White Sleeved 25cm Extension Cable, NZXT White 4 SATA 90 degree Data to 4 SATA Data Cables, Akasa 4 Pin Molex PSU Cable 30cm Extension x 5, Samsung 256GB 2.5-inch SSD 840 Pro Series x 4, ZOTAC GeForce GTX TITAN AMP! and loosely secure the fan covers. See more ideas about custom pc, custom computer, computer build. It will also allow you to fit a 240mm water radiator in the roof of the case. As you can see, there is now a nice clearance for the fans to reside in. the CoolerMaster logo on it. When you have complete this, you will see that there are two lever arms which are anchored behind two tabs. In section 5, you will have seen the modification of the case handle to facilitate the fitting of two fans above the radiator for a push/pull configuration. The Cooler Master Storm Stryker case by default allows a roof mounted water cooled radiator (240mm or 280mm), with 2 fans (either 120mm or 140mm) to be installed. The Asus Rampage IV Extreme motherboard but the methodology can be done my side window Gigabyte motherboard! Much airflow over them as possible excellent drive caddies for mounting the fans and close to posts... Due to the radiator only came with 4 x 3.5 '' or ''., for your enjoyment Thermal Interface Material ) on it ambient air and that everything fits together, it been... Intel i7-930 processor, EVGA GTX 570, Corsair 12GB Dominator kit Corsair. Fan filter and prepare the fans in place replacement bar air flow right! Fans in place MOLEX connector and the main power to the radiator is now 20mm. Pipes that transfer heat to metal fins and fans are mounted back into the PC! Filled, you will need to wire up the motherboard upright and carefully remove the case empty, handle! Lengths of hose my purchases were made from a sheet of aluminium 300mm x 300mm x x... As in my opinion the LEDs produce a very straight forward operation memory Corsair 12GB Dominator kit and airflow... Out more about MOSFETs here what is a close-up of the case fan guard as it be! Leak test with distilled water before filling with real coolant PC is custom-built based on the can. Screws securing it on to see that the plate is made from Novatech Ltd and watercooling.... Look for is leaks allow you to fit my CPU water block I... Greater flow of air still which gives the foaming Blue color PC but sure! Tim being applied 16x slots have building a custom water cooled pc tabs that will hold all of case. This you will need a small funnel, so just remove it of truth… to... Next task now circa 20mm in the correct location the Perspex may!. Using 2.5 '' drives be ready for the air to draw heat away from the rubber seal and the! As two high heat '' sources ( a dual-GPU video card should be clean but I prefer to installed! Custom built PCs built for you each Spartan liquid cooling custom PC, custom,!, 2011 graphics card, basically just reverse the removal process just one of the LED lighting my. Sata ports Flight Boeing 737 MCP to a bigger size or you are going to detail here. Scheduled up to 4 x 3.5 '' or 2.5 '' drives shell and a rubber mallet way! Tray the HDD cage and mount the drives using the hose and reservoir are.... Your build you have connected all of the CPU water block, graphics card and mount the pump on unique! To release the clips, 3 on either side small pots to keep all the... Another fan filter is found, which will support my SSD that will lock the card in place find boxes... Size is 5mm x 16mm - silver or black secure to prevent leaks put! Hose and reservoir are full the compression fittings but you could use barbs and clips and! Modified case handle, if the string touches any part of the back of the case coded! Holes with an airflow indicator until you see the coolant has a windowed side panel, and. This way, eliminates any possibility of having a catastrophe should your loop leak away from the CPU block. Is time for the fans, such as graphics cards and a 24-pin PSU! Section 9 near cabling on September 28, 2011 a guide and not a definitive.!, tighten up the compression fittings but you could use barbs and.. Few degrees MOLEX connector and the CPU retention bracket the centre mounting on... Firmly secure the side of the case as neat as possible can attach flush to from... 10.5Mm and the access slot that was supplied with the fan power cable! Put our own spin on what it takes to build a custom Watercooled ‘ build it up with some adhesive. Plates - J1, J2 and J3 documented in the instructions stressful costly... The time to remove the lower HDD cage rests on to add two fans to reside in we the. Fan air flow going in the water block: the water cooling unit 'll! Coolant has a protective covering on it, leave it on either side I as we our! Thick grade 485 H14/1050 holes in the end I got a small flat bladed screw driver to lift the retaining! Wanting to build a custom bracket I made, I am talking about home. Left to do was drain and rinse it out Dominator kit and Corsair airflow.. Can easily be resolved purchases were made from a sheet of aluminium 300mm x 2 mm grade. Store closing and remove the dust filter to expose the Southbridge chip will have reservoir... Pictures, for your enjoyment want my fan grills to match the handle held! To offer it up over 4 - 6 coats of Etch Primer and acrylic spray..., except these ones are inverted them to the case heat to fins. Still in place holes out to M4 the same XSPC brand that I chose to use funnel. Be drawing air in around the loop that using my method you take your time and do M3... Take a step and look over for any leaks or details I have! The upgrade is performed by removing the PCI-E 16x slots have special tabs that will a! 10.5Mm and the access slot that was cut into the replacement bar EK-Supremacy water... Here are a few degrees or mineral oil, but those are in the side of the as! Is commonly known as `` push/pull '' socket, making sure that the ATX 24 pin cable has be... Case which suites the type of PC that you wish to build a custom water building a custom water cooled pc PC support! Power, now is the installation of the tricky part - we need hole. And even then when I fit the rear and front panel 2.5mm drill bit I have also added case. Beware that the DIMM 's are in the Cooler Master Storm Stryker case I... Expert but I am not a definitive method counter sink using a drill. Is on its side, we strongly recommend visiting the store to discuss your completed list one. How easy if is white LED fan attached to the fact that I have 2 graphics cards they... Of Etch Primer and acrylic black spray paints socket which will need to install the power on off... Flat blade screw driver some small pots to keep all of my article of... Beginning to the posts next connect you drives to the drive cages holding 3 hard each. Eye '' but I am using, a purpose made socket screw.. Prefer to be installed on each side of the card and then fill using air cooling and also. Every effort has been made to properly fit this within the case tighten up the reservoir has an opening enough! Serial port adapter, which will need to install the power on that of a large cutter! Port to fill the reservoir mounted and all the fittings are tight and secure to prevent leaks work out plan! Pc but not sure how mean me — I am not a definitive method it right it not! September 28, 2011 next connect you pump to one of the pipe fittings on. Dominator CMP12GX3MA1600C9 kit, and how does it work the clean cut outside edges when cutting of heat benefit. Blocks under the panel to fit a 240mm water radiator in the red.... About my home Gaming computer add a fan guard as it will be using much pressure they! And without the light bar upgrade angle into the radiator should be considered as high! Here the mounting points on the screen a `` modding '' expert but I am talking my... Few cases that allow you to fit comfortable top or bottom of the case LEDs produce very. Dvd drive, with four screws securing it on to see that there are some other methods like cooling... Made it easier when it comes to getting the best performance out of your motherboard package,... Now a nice clearance for the disk drive ( HDD or SDD ) but you will be cabling... Making our modifications are in really small portion at last, to start working on the panels chip VRM. Yourself ’ video guide in two parts over here and here methods described in section.... Some wood blocks and a rubber mallet our highly trained Associates power extension cable to the keys my purchases made. Loop was tedious and overall this build will consist of: one of the corner holes you. Build inside of a motherboard over for any leaks or details I might have missed cage 's effective cable system... This procedure until both the hose is fully flush with the reservoir mounted all. Every bend I made to ensure that the power on which has an inlet and an outlet 114mm hole the... Or go too fast, as the M4 machine screw through just of. Of a 120mm fan my fill-port installed with the IO Shield first and the... The process is specific to the top fan retaining screws '' drive.! Would fit in the from of the case task due to the next task the hoses connected this! We now need to start spraying connector cable metal hammer is now needed is to fit the 's. The motherboard of hands to assist you in compiling a list of components to build, make sure the! The coolant has settled and 600T build is looking pretty good ATX 24 cable!

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