playing favorites-Tonya

This pictures was taken several years ago when I was priviledged to have lunch with Tonya in Phoneix along with her sister,Audra, her father,Jim, and my son,Dan.

Tonya is enrolled in school in Everet College in Tacoma training as a medical assistant.

Tonya has special ties with our family.

When we adopted Ramona, Jim and Sandy were so taken with her that they proceeded to adopt Tonya. Now both will be serving humanity by serving in the health care industry and more devoted care givers than these two would be hard to find.

Dan,Brigid and Summer spend  time out and around Seattle in the  summer and I’m sure that another blessed reunion will occur at that time.

Two special people who have contributed so much to those they love and those they call a friend.

When she was young, Tonya had to listen to my old stories and jokes but she survived that in good stead.

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